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Create your contract. Get seamless electronic signing and contract management. Handle negotiation with ease.

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No paper, no ink smudges, no printing and scanning, no tracked changes, no separate electronic signature software. Construct and agree a contract from your phone on the way to the meeting.

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Designed by lawyers from end to end to ensure you are protected. We obsess over the details of our contracts, negotiation and signing process to keep you safe.

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Improve more than just contract creation. Handle negotiation, signing and monitoring of key contract dates and details without loading the same information into separate systems.

How Haggle works

Customised contracts, electronic signing and contract management designed to reduce negotiation.

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1. Create

Build a contract and send for electronic signing

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2. Negotiate

Collect standardised feedback and vary by toggling options + standard terms

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3. Measure

Track time to sign, most negotiated contracts + clauses.

Contract Types

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Full Custom

Automate your own legal terms with your choice of options

For adressing your exact requirements

Procurement documentation, bespoke contracts and playbooks

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Tailor Haggle

Select positions and create your own version of a Haggle agreement

For an immediate solution with no implementation

NDAs, Services Agreements, Independent Contractor

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Terms + Details

Upload your final terms. Build key details (e.g. price, term) for each contact.

For key details that change - base terms that don't

Customer Agreements, Order Forms, SOWs, Renewals

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Sign only

Upload any final contract for electronic signing and management via Haggle

For less common or manually created contracts

Bespoke Commercial Contracts, Licences, Variations

Simple Pricing

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